closet catharsis

First, we will evaluate every piece of clothing and all accessories in your closet…one by one. We will have 4 categories to place them in:

Keep – You love it and it brings you joy to simply look at it, let alone to wear it. It fits well and you feel indescribably confident when you have it on.

Accessorize – You have a garment that you love, looks awesome on you, but nothing to wear it with. I’ll add the outfit-making piece to our shopping list so you can rock it!

Consign – You own clothing that you just don’t wear or is near new, let’s get you some cash for those pieces!

Donate – When a piece isn’t serving you, doesn’t fit well and clutters your closet…it’s time to set yourself and these clothes free. Offer them to someone who will enjoy them.

After this process, I'll organize what remains by color making it easy to get dressed, look ridiculously good, and get out the door! 

Now we have clear visibility of all of your clothes. Only the ones you love and feel confident in.

$425 (5 hour max), $75 per hour thereafter