I hired Maria to help me shift into a new look.  I had been cultivating a new style after a lifetime of wearing things that I did not love.  I really believed that I was not good at shopping or knowing my own style and I needed help to find my style and to develop it more.  What I loved about working with Maria is:

  • She’s easy to work with.  She offers honest feedback about what does and does not look good on me.  She encourages me to get rid of the things that do not, but she’s also not attached.  She has a relaxed energy which is nice because going through my clothes could have caused me some stress.  But she made it fun and educational.

  • She knows what she is doing and her feedback about clothes is spot on.

  • She saved me money!  I thought I needed more clothes.  Turns out I needed to figure out what I loved and get rid of the rest.  Then she mixed and matched my clothes to create outfits I love and which I never would have thought to put together.

  • She saved me time!  She created new outfits for me and took pictures of them so when I am going to work, I can just look at the pics and pick out an outfit and move on!

  • She saved me time and money shopping for me.  Wow, what a luxury.  To not have to sift through clothes to find what works for me. And she is great with finding bargains.

  • There a re no surprises – she stated what everything would cost up front.  She asked for my budget on clothes and she stayed within it.

Cami, Certified Professional Performance Coach


I have worked with Maria both personally and professionally.  Personally, she helped me find the perfect dress, shoes and accessories for my 50th birthday celebration as well as expand my fashion repertoire for everyday. Professionally, I have worked with her as a wardrobe consultant on a feature film.  Maria has a gift; an artistic eye for introducing people to new fashion possibilities and an uncanny ability to find a great deal.  

Heidi, filmmaker


Maria helped me purge a few more things after I did my own closet clean-out. She showed me combinations of shirts, pants and sport coats that I never would've put together, but loved! Then she pushed me out of my old guy shoes and into some "age-appropriate" ones that went with the new style I didn't know I wanted. For a guy who is pretty clueless about fashion, she made a simple system for me to remember what goes together.  I actually had fun with a task I dreaded and the best part is my wife stopped asking me, "is that what you're wearing?" when we go out on the town.

Robert, construction exec


Maria has encouraged me to try on a wider variety of styles and add some fun to my wardrobe.  Whatever your body or style type, she is supportive and encouraging in helping you find your fashion voice, and helping you put together clothes that make you feel good. She also helped me find an artsy pair of glasses for which I receive many compliments. I felt that choosing something that I wear to face the world every day is important and worth the honest, creative insight provided by Maria.

Maija, writer